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Yaakov Waldman

Yaakov Waldman

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About Yaakov Waldman:


Yaakov has sold and managed all types of real estate since 2004. He was successful in the boom and then diversified into the down turn by offering management services including association and commercial management as well as commercial real estate brokerage including sourcing distressed assets such as bank owned multi family, retail as well houses and condominiums.

Since┬ámid 2010, Yaakov has experienced an upturn in sales volume which he attributes to 1. market values below actual cost to build 2. unprecedented low interest rates 3. rents going up and values coming down making it possible to expect reasonable yields of 8%-12% 4. general consensus that the market has bottom out and is now in an gradual and healthy upturn. Yaakov’s successful real estate investment portfolio is a testament to his knowledge and ability to traverse the ever changing South Florida real estate market. Allow Yaakov to guide you with your real estate investments. Yaakov’s ability to provide expert cash flow analysis and pro forma guidance helps his clients make sound investments. Yaakov’s geographical reach is extensive as he provides knowledgeable and expert service in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

As well as a real estate license, Yaakov maintains a CAM (Community Association Manager) license. Yaakov leverages his knowledge of the complicated Florida statutes that govern Condominiums and Homeowner Associations, to provide expert advice to his customers. Whether you need to understand annual meeting requirements, voting rights, or if you’re hoping to learn more about the financial health of the Association you are considering buying into, let Yaakov be your trusted adviser .

With a family of 5, Yaakov is an expert at multi tasking, one minute he is the expert, trusted, real estate adviser and the next, a caring husband and loving father of 3. Yaakov enjoys spending his free time relaxing at his home in Hollywood with his family and friends.



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